Child coaching: your child is the expert

Our hectic lifestyles sometimes lead us to rate other people’s judgement of our children higher than our own. Especially ‘labels’ such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, HSP, etc., can leave us parents feeling insecure and lacking in expertise and we like to hear from experts what attitude to adopt when dealing with our challenging children. How wonderful is it to then discover that the real experts are indeed our own children. All they ask is that we open up to their way of communicating.

Besides the above-mentioned labels, there may be other circumstances that require help; maybe your child has difficulty making friends, is excluded, or even bullied. Perhaps the child’s grandfather or grandmother or another loved one has passed away or maybe a family pet has died. Such events can trigger concentration lapses at school or defensive behaviour at home. Or else it may be that the communication between the child and its teacher is rather laborious or that the child suffers from fear of failure. Maybe the child is the youngest child and tends to adjust too much to the older children or it is the eldest child and tends to efface itself too easily. Or your child is too soft or too bossy. Or… et., etc.

Growing self-confidence

In all these cases it is wonderful when the child can say what is bothering him or her. In addition, the child is re-empowered when it is made aware of certain awkward pitfalls concerning its behaviour; many a child needs to gain some insight into and some tools to deal with its own actions and reactions. The realisation that he or she most definitely has the ability - be it passively or actively - to influence his or her own behaviour and his or her environment may increase the child’s self-asssuredness.