Who is Mettaji?

My name is Miek van Slooten- van Nieuwkuyk. I’m 43 years old, married and mother of 4 wonderful tykes in the ages between 8 and 13. Having practised law for a while, and with the children still young, I decided to go to the Teacher Training College for Primary Education (Dutch: “Pabo”).  However, I was deeply affected by the course “Learning is Being”. Aware of its lasting merit I subsequently finished this course which enabled me to discover the essence of who I am and who I want to be for those around me. It is my mission to re-empower children and to give them the means to achieve this.

During the period in which I consciously chose to stay at home with the children, I faced a number of issues:

The above makes that I am well-acquainted with the issues and recognise and acknowledge the concerns with respect to children growing up in the average family. Everyone wants to be seen, whether he learns with ease or difficulty. It is key for everyone involved to be solidly confident and to have a clear self-image. Because also the brother or sister who is a quick learner, yet self-effacing at the same time, needs tools to be able to say: “Hellooo, still here!” 

"Be who you really are"





"At ease again

with your essence"