What Mettaji stands for

I have chosen the name Mettaji because I believe in ‘loving attention for yourself and the other being’: it re-empowers your child! I believe that what children need in this day and age is a confident assertiveness firmly stemming from inner-strength. They are the future. When we as parents invest in our children’s future we should not only consider their educational progress, i.e. the cognitive side, but even more so their social-emotional development. It will then soon turn out that ‘tricks’ and role play or platitudes do not suffice; instead, a solid foundation needs to be laid whereby the child feels seen, heard and supported. He or she of course also needs certain tools enabling him or her to communicate clearly. That type of dynamics requires a bespoke approach. After all, every child is unique. Mettaji Coaching offers the training that lays that foundation.

"Loving attention



and the

other person"